20 Facts [30 Day Challenge]

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

My second day of this challenge is 20 facts about myself! Here goes nothing…

Paynes Prairie 5K

My very supportive family at my 5K in 2013!

  1. I am born and raised in sunny St. Pete, FL.
  2. I have grown up with a camera in my hand literally. Documenting my memories always has and will be, extremely important to me. Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I have plastered my walls with photos of myself with my loved ones and places. I used to print 300+ pictures at a time. Walgreens loved me.
  3. I graduated from University of Florida. Go Gators!
  4. Before the age of 21, I created and directed a successful 5K running event in my community for two years running. It started out as a “someday this will happen” goal, and I made it happen within 6 months. It became a local favorite among the Gainesville running community.
  5. Prior to moving to Utah two years ago, I had never driven in snow or lived in the mountains. I am still loving living here in the mountains with 4 real seasons!
  6. I moved out to SLC, UT by myself for an internship without knowing anyone.
  7. I love a lot of different types of music, but I like pop and country the most (because I can sing shamelessly to it in the car).
  8. When I was in middle school, I rode horses and worked at a stable. I loved it and miss it.
  9. I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor for 3 years in high school and some college.
  10. Reeses are my favorite candy, and I hate chocolate with nuts.
  11. I have one sister that is almost 7 years older than me and we are best friends.
  12. I learned to drive in a mini van, and I miss the height of the car. My current dream car is a Honda CR-V.
  13. I ran my first (and only) marathon when I was 18– The Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon.
  14. When I was 16, I raised a combined total of $8400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Then we ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Fran.
  15. I have a tendency to pick a sport, get really into it for a couple years, and then lose interest and move on. Past sports have been soccer, dance, horseback riding, running, triathlons, and now hiking. I am working on fixing this quirk! The good part of this is that I get to try lots of new things.
  16. Since I was 16 and allowed to drive on my own, I have been interested in taking mini trips/excursions/etc. dragging my closest friends and family with me.
  17. I have a wonderful fiancé that I met in Utah. We are getting married April 2016!
  18. I hate bathtubs. They freak me out.
  19. I have two kitties that I love: Oliver & Mr. Diggles. They are named after the main characters of the show Arrow on CW.
  20. I have had a blog or a website on and off since I was in 4th grade. My dad really encouraged me to embrace the nerd in me!