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  • A Weekend in Victoria, British Columbia [Anniversary Trip]

    A Weekend in Victoria, British Columbia [Anniversary Trip]

    For our third anniversary, we took a quick long weekend trip to Victoria, BC. I heard it was a great destination for a quick and relaxing weekend, and it did not disappoint! After work on Thursday, we Ubered out to downtown Seattle and stayed at The Sound Hotel. The Sound is close to the Victoria […]

  • 2018 in a Nutshell

    2018 in a Nutshell

    Life is great in the Pacific Northwest! 2018 was a jam-packed year! If I could sum it up in a few words: mountains, Seattle, hiking, friends, photography, travel in the PNW, Switzerland, and so many photos of our fur-kids. January January started off with a 1500-mile move from Salt Lake City to Seattle with a […]

  • Aare Gorge, Switzerland

    Aare Gorge, Switzerland

    After visiting Oeschinen Lake, we drove through Interlaken and continued to the Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht in German). Since we lived in Utah for a while, we’re familiar with the concept of slot canyons, but usually the canyon walls are a hue of red/orange sandstone like in the Narrows, Zebra Canyon, or Antelope Canyon. Martina suggested […]

  • Visiting Oeschinen Lake (Oeschinensee) [Kandersteg, Switzerland]

    Visiting Oeschinen Lake (Oeschinensee) [Kandersteg, Switzerland]

    For our last day in Switzerland, we wanted to get any last-minute adventures in as we headed back north to Zurich. After discussing a couple options with Martina, we chose Oeschinen Lake in Kandersteg, near Adelboden. The lake is well-known among the locals of the Bernese Oberland, but less known among tourists. It’s also part […]

  • Paragliding in Switzerland

    Paragliding in Switzerland

    When I think of Switzerland, I think of Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn, and adventure sports with fantastic views. One of the parts I was looking forward to was paragliding! While we were visiting, we saw many paragliders floating through the sky against the mountainous backdrop. We had planned on going paragliding while in the Jungfrau […]

  • Adventuring through a Fairy Tale: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Mürren [Jungfrau Region, Switzerland]

    Adventuring through a Fairy Tale: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Mürren [Jungfrau Region, Switzerland]

    One of the areas I was most excited to visit was the Jungfrau region (within Bernese Oberland), which includes Interlaken, Grindelwald, Wengen, Mürren, and Lauterbrunnen. The region is named after the famous mountain Jungfrau (the name means virgin in German). When I was researching activities, I had noted down visiting the Jungfraujoch (The Top of […]

  • Visiting the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Visiting the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, UNESCO World Heritage Site

    After a quick trip to Germany, we left our hotel in Zurich to drive to Lake Geneva, the French part of Switzerland. We landed in Lausanne, Switzerland to check with the tourist information office for some maps of the UNESCO site nearby. 
What is UNESCO? UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization. […]

  • A Day in Locarno, Switzerland

    A Day in Locarno, Switzerland

    On our first full day in Switzerland, we decided to forego our city tour of Zurich (due to rain) and head south to the Italian part of Switzerland— a cute vacation destination of Locarno. Our kind hostess, Martina, said that the weather on the other side of the mountains is usually better. She also told […]

  • A Weekend in Portland [Our Second Anniversary Trip]

    A Weekend in Portland [Our Second Anniversary Trip]

    For our second anniversary, we decided to make a weekend adventure to Portland! Now that we’ve moved, Portland is only about 3 hours away from our new home! We haven’t had a lot of opportunity to leave since we moved away from our favorite dog sitters— thank you Kelli & Ashley! But determined to get […]

  • Our Second Anniversary

    Our Second Anniversary

    Today is our two year anniversary. 17,520 hours. 730 days. As I sit here in our townhome near Seattle, I read back over my thoughts from last year’s anniversary and I am laughing just a little bit. At this time last year, we had just bought our first house and we were settling in… or […]