Pet Peeves [30 Day Challenge]

Day 7: Pet Peeves


Pet peeves are an interesting concept. Why do these small annoyances bother us so much? Is it because we do them ourselves or there was a particular time that caused us to think negatively on these habits? I’m sure I have many pet peeves, but this is going to be a little difficult to pull out of nowhere.

People who talk on the phone when they are at the cashier counter/restaurant/hotel counter.

When people are rude to anyone in the service industry.

When people don’t listen, and then ask a question that was already answered when they weren’t listening.

When Utahns use “just barely” way too much.

When parents name their children with the most obnoxious and obscure spelling of a name possible. Example: Dacoatah instead of Dakota.

People who type like this: Y R U Mad?

When someone uses the last of a toilet paper roll, and then doesn’t replace it.

People who are always late.

The misuse of words: affect/effect, their/there/they’re, etc.

People who invade my personal space. Example: Someone standing too close to me in line at checkout.