Worst Habits [30 Day Challenge]

Day 8: Worst Habits


I am guilty of some bad habits. Two that come to mind immediately are long stories and the use of pronouns instead of specific people’s names. Let me explain…

First of all, anyone who knows me well would agree that I tell the longest stories. I want to give my listener all of the details! That’s kind of a problem I guess, since usually they end up in going in every direction instead of getting to the point. My family knows this all too well—they will ask me to give them the “short version”! I just can’t help it. More recently it’s been the fact that I haven’t seen my parents or sister in a while (at least months), and I have so much to tell them. I would like to think that in more recent years, I’ve been better about getting to the point, but who knows?

In the same vein, I have a terrible habit of telling stories only using pronouns. For example, I will say that my mom is going to the store and then she ran into Katie. She said that she didn’t expect to see her.

…Wait, what? This is the issue. No one knows what I’m talking about and that’s the issue. I feel like these two issues go hand in hand—it seems as though my storytelling skills could use some work. Funny, since here I am writing a blog. I’d like to this that these habits are really only present in my personal life with the people who know me well despite these flaws.

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