Meaning Behind Blog Name [30 Day Challenge]

Day 11: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name


It came to me one day when I was brainstorming ideas at a coffee shop with Brighton. I feel that “next stop,” indicates that this is a constant journey of sorts. It doesn’t matter where we are stopping, there will always be adventure. It could be a journey of life, love, road trip, or really anything. I feel that there is a sense of adventure in all of life’s major (and minor) crossroads– I am thinking specifically of my upcoming wedding, buying a house, maybe kids sometime in the future. Those sorts of things.

Another reason I chose the phrase “next stop” was because Brighton and I road trip more often then flying. We end up driving to many of our destinations since I just love the feeling of being able to up and go without the hassle, stress or regulation of packing for a flight. While it takes longer, I enjoy the freedom of being able to dictate my own trip while on the road versus the skies. You don’t know what you’re missing along the way when you fly. Of course, there are also pros to traveling by plane. Next Stop is ambiguous for a reason. It leaves room for interpretation.

Life on the Edge

This is what I call living life on the edge…

The second part, Adventure, is super cliché. I know! But I’ve been using the word for so long it seemed natural to go with it. I call everything an adventure. You never know what will happen on an adventure. Everything could go wrong. Everything could go smoothly. Your plans may change entirely. I generally use the word adventure as a way to describe a new or unexpected experience. One definition for adventure is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” With the exception of “typically hazardous”, I’d agree with that definition. While I do like to live life on the edge… or cliff, despite Brighton’s protests, I generally won’t do something that I know will put my in immediate danger. I do like to take chances though. I feel that it’s important to experience new things and not to live in a bubble. Adventure begins outside of your comfort zone!

adventure begins at the end of your comfort zone