My Proposal to the Bridesmaids

Proposing to the Bridesmaids

Almost as soon as I got engaged, I started planning the wedding. I was just so excited! I wanted to be able to start planning with my bridesmaids.

But who were my bridesmaids?! I started with a number that I was aiming for, and planned from there. Looking at other brides’ photos from their wedding with their bridesmaids, I decided I wanted an even number so in photos it’d be even. Even numbers in this situation are acceptable 🙂 4 girls was too few for the friends I wanted to include, and 8 seemed like overkill. I settled on 6 bridesmaids.

Then… Who was I choosing? I chose long-time close friends and a couple close friends I made in college and actively kept up with.

First, my Maid of Honor…. Katie! My older sister. Despite our age difference, Katie is my best friend and only sister. She is there when I need her– through blood, sweat, and tears. See what I did there?

Katie and Me

The remaining five bridesmaids are all my close friends from either St. Pete High years or University of Florida classes or RecSports.

In no particular order:




Erica Zion






Elizabeth in Florida


Now, the fun part! I wanted to “propose” to them. I found quite a few ideas on Pinterest. I also had to consider that I was mailing all of the proposals. I am also not the craftiest person. Between the ideas I found on the internet, and my own abilities this is what I came up with:

I got a bunch of paint chips at the hardware store. I decided each girl was going to have a different color family. This is Katie’s in progress:


Then I poked holes in all of them at the top, and used twine to string them all together.

These are all 6 next to each other. Excuse the crappy photo quality!


Once the garland was done. I attached them to pretty scrapbook paper so that they could open it like a card. I decorated their cards with little scrapbooking stickers. They were all a little different. I also wrapped the whole package with tissue paper.

Then I added a chocolate rose (it was around Valentine’s Day), a small gift card to Starbucks, and a Ring pop. Something small, but appreciated. I am very excited to have them all standing up by my side on the big day!

This is what the cards looked like. (I have removed their last names for their privacy.)

courtney package elizabeth package Katie package

Then, all of them together!


I was pretty proud of my little cards when I was done.

Guess what… They all said yes! 🙂



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