Ordering the Invitations [Wedding]

Designing Our Wedding Invitations

Guess what!!

I just ordered our wedding invitations. After designing them with Ashley, my sister’s awesome best friend/graphic designer extraordinaire for the past month or two, they are ordered!!

It’s still a little unreal that THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

In four months. 

I am trying to follow a rustic/casual/garden theme with my invitations and the feeling since it’s being held in a garden setting.

I ordered through Vistaprint since they’re supposed to have good customer service and fast delivery. This is on my list of things to do while I’m in Florida.  Hello– Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids, can you help me?? Please and thank you.

(For some reason, the colors are not exactly how they appear on the invite. The teal-ish color should be more of a neon blue color. I’ve also removed addresses, times, and the wedding site address for privacy reasons.)

For the invite, I went with a 6×9 invite, one sided, since it will probably be on many people’s fridges 😉



This is the RSVP postcard front:



This is the RSVP Back:



What do you think? How did you decide on what to do for your wedding invitations?

I’ll still need to work on the addressing and sending them once they arrive in the mail!



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