Our First Anniversary

Celebrating the First Anniversary

Our anniversary was spent in typical Brighton & Hilary fashion— A photoshoot. I wanted a reason to dress up and get pretty. I asked a photography friend to do a mini session for us in our new house in the place that we now call home.

Even though the house isn’t what we have decorated, redesigned, and lived in yet… it will be! I wanted to capture these first few weeks in our house together… with our newest family member— Koda! I wasn’t sure if she’d be in the photos, but she decided she wanted to be so there’s that. She’s an beautiful 5 year old (?) golden retriever that we’ve adopted from Brighton’s sister. She’s friendly, loyal, well-trained, and the perfect adventure dog for us as an adventure couple. We’re excited for the rainy spring to end, and the summer to begin so we can start getting her out on the trails with us. Photos from our shoot to come, but here’s a sneak peek! Thanks Natalie!

I am about to fly to Tucson for a few days for a work trip. I’m excited to go to this summit, and see a new place at this beautiful resort. More details on that to come! When I return, we’ll be taking off for a mini trip to Moab to adventure in honor of our anniversary. All the things we love to celebrate— good food, road trips to national parks, and a photo session. 🙂 I love adventuring with my favorite person.

A Letter to my Love

Dear Brighton,

Today marks our first wedding anniversary. Has it really been a whole year? Life moves so quickly these days that it’s hard to believe. In one year, our life has changed dramatically, yet again.

Aside from getting married, the biggest change we’re tackling together is owning a home. It’s still very new as it’s only been a couple weeks. We’re excited to build a life in together. It’s hard to fill all the empty space, but I know we will. 🙂 We’ve moved around the SLC area quite a bit since my first home in Somer’s basement in Sugarhouse, but this time feels different. Perhaps because it feels permanent (or at least for the foreseeable future)? Maybe because it’s “ours” that we can decorate, modify, or simply be in without the back of mind thought that we’ll probably be picking up everything in a year and moving again? Last night, we went to Ruth Chris’ to celebrate in downtown SLC. For some reason, on our drive back from dinner, our move away from the downtown area seemed so much more real. I tried to articulate the feelings in the car to you on the way home. The closest I got was that every other move we’ve done was always temporary, but this one feels more permanent.

You know how people usually say that they fall more in love with their spouse as their relationship continues? I think that’s true for us as well. While we’ve always loved each other deeply, the more we weave our lives together, the more I see your layers— like an onion! (Sorry, I know you hate onions. But I love them. They are one of my favorite foods, as you know). We often think alike, without even realizing it. Is that weird? I think so. But I like it.

I love that you’re my biggest advocate. When I wanted to start a photography business, you said “let’s make you the best in the business!” because you believe in me, and proceeded to help me through it all. You have been my willing assistant, even if it you have to cut into your “weekend relax” time. You understand that it’s hard for me to truly do “nothing” even though I need to work on that.

I love that we are our own team, always there for each other, whatever the occasion. I could keep going, but you already know all of this. It’s time for us to go and enjoy the rest of our day. I can’t wait to spend many more anniversaries with you, doing what we love, together. You are my partner though life, and I am so lucky to be your wife.

Happy first anniversary, love!

Love you to the moon and back,


Happy Anniversary, Love!