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  • Graduates in Wonderland [Book Rave]

    Graduates in Wonderland [Book Rave]

    You know those books where you find yourself laughing out loud while reading it? This is one of those books. I just finished reading Graduates in Wonderland that I bought at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland back in November. I picked up this book in the travel section, intrigued by the title. Since I was in […]

  • Favorite Childhood Book [30 Day Challenge]

    Favorite Childhood Book [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 19: Favorite Childhood Book (Source) Short and sweet post today!┬áThe childhood book that came to mind when I was writing this post was The Runaway Bunny. (There were so many favorites that I could write an entire list, but I will spare you the boredom). The book is about this mother bunny telling her […]