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  • 6 Months into Marriage & Life Updates [Newlywed 101]

    6 Months into Marriage & Life Updates [Newlywed 101]

    Happy Fall, ya’ll!  Well, I guess fall is mostly over, but still look at those colors! I’ve been quiet on here recently- I’ve been super busy with photography and doctor’s appointments… Two weeks ago, I sliced my tendon on my left index finger. Two stitches, 3 doctors visits (so far), and 2 splints later… I’ll […]

  • Taking Risks

    Taking Risks

    Man, does time fly! We are already in July 2016. Brighton jokes that I say that every month… and he might be right. That’s because I am always looking forward at what I have coming up that I tend to round time rather ridiculously. For instance, last weekend I said, “I can’t believe that June […]