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  • Graduates in Wonderland [Book Rave]

    Graduates in Wonderland [Book Rave]

    You know those books where you find yourself laughing out loud while reading it? This is one of those books. I just finished reading Graduates in Wonderland that I bought at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland back in November. I picked up this book in the travel section, intrigued by the title. Since I was in […]

  • Where Have I Traveled? [30 Day Challenge]

    Where Have I Traveled? [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 24: Where have I traveled? I’ve been to Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and Canada. I’ve also been to 24 of the 50 states. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington – 2010 Everglades National Park, Florida – 2012 Arches National Park, Utah – 2013 Canyonlands National Park, Utah – 2014 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah – […]

  • What I Look Forward To [30 Day Challenge]

    What I Look Forward To [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 23: What I Look Forward To What a general topic… Well, I look forward to many things. I’m looking forward to going home for the holidays with my sweetie, and spending the holidays with my family and him. I am just imagining all the time with my sister, friends, my parents, my sister’s/parent’s pets, […]

  • My Declaration of Wanderlust

    My Declaration of Wanderlust

    Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot more social commentary via social media outlets on the ideals of millennials, traveling and wanderlust. There are a couple different ideas floating around the internet recently, and it’s made me both agree and contemplate how I fit into this all with my personal views. Somewhere in Oregon near Crater […]