An Adventure to the Container Mall

May 18, 2013

Today was our free day in Christchurch. We went back to the container mall. This is a mall made out of shipping containers. Each individual shop is within a container. It’s quite interesting and a little hard to imagine without seeing it. There was a great little Greek food place there where we got lamb souvlaki, which was something a local recommended we try.

We also used public transportation for the first time to get there without issues, but getting back was a little more difficult. Basically, we didn’t know where to pick up the same bus because we were on a one way street and the lady at the bus station misunderstood our request and sent us to a different part of town. We figured this out and luckily found an easy way to call a taxi home. I never realized how helpful smart phones are for using Google Maps, texting, the internet, and even making simple calls are until I can’t do any of the above. We didn’t even have a paper map to rely on which was most of the problem. All is well because we made it home safely!

Later, we went to a rugby game! It was the Auckland Blues vs. Christchurch Crusaders. I’ve never seen a professional rugby game, and I have to say it’s pretty cool! Why don’t we adopt this as a popular sport in the US? Of course, I am stupid about sports and don’t really know the rules but it was fun to watch them jump all over each other and lift guys up in the air to catch a ball. They are men of many talents! Unfortunately, the rain has not stayed away and it was very cold and rainy for most of the game. We got free swords to support the Crusaders though!

What a great way to end our stay in Christchurch! Our adventure moves on tomorrow morning!