“Oh yeah, this is a six credit class”

May 24, 2013

Today was a day of lecture and travel. We went to the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) for a couple lectures on risk management and leadership within adventure tourism. Then we traveled to Motueka and had a couple more lectures. Sometimes, I forget that I’m studying abroad because we’re doing all these fun activities but today was education-oriented. We also worked on our module essay questions and went into town for dinner. We got great Thai food from a place in town… the only place that was open past 5:30pm. It’s strange for everything to be closing at 5:30 when I’m used to a college town.

I have a couple random words and things that I have noticed in New Zealand though!

  • Tramping = Hiking
  • Trolleyed (spelling might be wrong) = Drunk
  • Portaloo = Porta-Potty
  • The “golden beaches” in Abel Tasman National Park come from the iron in the limestone rocks interacting with the ocean water and rusting. This rust mixed in with the sand looks “golden” and shimmers. It’s beautiful.
  • The picture of the soda above is one of the two soft drinks I’ve tried in NZ. This one is L&P. It tastes like what I would imagine Pine-Sol would taste like if I were to drink it. There is literally no other way to describe this taste. Ginger beer is way better if you ask my opinion though!