Stereotypical Floridian: Excited for Snow

May 28, 2013

Another travel day along the West Coast. We started our morning with a free day in Hokitika. They are know for punamu (or jade) stone. We got really excited when we walked along the beach because we thought that we were finding some, but it was really just sand molded together that looked green. Disappointing.

We went shopping in their tiny district and I did some damage on the souvenir front. :) After lunch, we drove to Fox Glacier. We’re spending two nights here. One thing I noticed: it’s significantly colder here. While we were in lecture, I could see snow falling outside our window. As a Floridian, that’s exciting! Not as exciting when our heater is sub-par though. Tomorrow, if the weather is good (which as of right now it’s looking like it), we will walk on Fox Glacier. We hear a lecture from the owner and go on a guided walk. I’ve walked on Mt. Rainer (in Washington) before, but it was summertime and I thought it was rather warm. This will be different especially considering it’s winter here. I have at least 6 or 7 top layers laid out for tomorrow morning. We’re also hiking around Lake Matheson in the morning to see the sunrise.

I think I forgot to mention last night that we went to the glow worm dell last night after dark. It’s basically a mini cave that you can see the little glows of the worms. I tried to take pictures, but they don’t appear in pictures unfortunately.


Oh, and I am definitely sick now. I won’t let my cold let me miss out on Fox Glacier or any other experience though! I’m going to bed early right after this to try to rest up! We only have about 9 days left in this trip, it’s crazy that it’s almost over.

Cheers, mates!