Floridian, meet Snow


As I settle into my new home for the semester, I am exploring the Salt Lake and the new environment. I’ve never lived in a snowy climate, so many things are new to me. Katie and I walked to the park near my house and took in the sight of a winter wonderland. We saw some kids and their parents sledding down a hill, and I decided I was going to do it too! The snow here sparkles!

You know what comes with snow? Ice. You know what happens when you walk on ice without traction? You fall on your butt. Katie experienced that phenomenon a few times during her stay. I joined the club today when I was in my own driveway. My butt hurts still thinking about it.


It’s awesome living so close to the mountains. The view surrounds me as I am driving and it’s a nice change of pace from Florida. There’s a nice park, Mill Creek Canyon, which is part of a National Forest right near my house. Katie and I went walking, but quickly found that we were not dressed appropriately. If I wore some Yaktrax (for running), it’d be a nice trail run. That will be my goal for my stay: to run up that trail and see what’s at the top.


I like the area that I’m living in. It’s called Sugarhouse. There are a lot of cute houses and young, active people around. The park down the street seems pretty popular with runners and families. It’s only a half mile away, perfect for my running. I’d like to train for the Nashville Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on April 26th while I am here. Now, if only I could get over this cold that I have.

I also get the pleasure of living with some of my roommate’s pets. She has two cats and a golden retriever. The kitties are very friendly and quirky. They like to come keep me company downstairs! Their names are Mow Mow, Catse, and Koda. My spelling is probably wrong on all of them.


Yesterday, Katie and I went sledding at the park around the corner. We went to WalMart and bought two saucers, thinking we’d break one. We didn’t know if there was such thing as “adult” discs but apparently there are not since the guy seemed amused by our question. We had a blast going higher and higher up on the hill. We caught some air on some of the bumps. I don’t care if it’s for children. Sledding is fun!

I’ll go exploring in Salt Lake some more before my internship starts, but I hope to get rid of my cold this weekend.



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