Ice Castles in Midway, Utah


As part of my Utah winter experience, I went to visit the Ice Castles in Midway, UT. In a word: astounding. Entirely made out of ice and water, the structures were pretty large. They had various activities, mostly catering to families but still entertaining for adults. There was an ice maze, ice canyons, live Elsa and Anna characters from Frozen, a tunnel/slide, and even an ice piano and cello! It was impressive.


A funny story about my experience… Since we had seen all the other parts of the castles, I figured that I should leave nothing undone so I got in line for the ice slide. I asked someone what they thought of it, and they said, “It was harder to get up than getting down.” I had no idea what that lady meant until all of the sudden I realized that I had to crawl up to the top to be able to slide down. The tunnel, made out of ONLY ICE, had mini ice-rungs to crawl on. I should’ve brought my knee pads. For the first time in my life, I felt Closter phobic. There were people in front of us and behind us, and you had no idea how long the tunnel would go before an opening. The slide itself was pretty fun though! I was planning on taking a video on the way down since I put a Lifeproof case on it, I’ve been less worried about the snow/ice/water getting on the phone and dropping it. Good thing, because I completely dropped it and it disappeared into the tunnel I was about to slide down. I heard it bouncing around, hoping it would land wherever I did. At that point, all I could do was slide down and enjoy the ride. Brighton has a video of the phone landing at the bottom, and shortly after, me. It’s actually pretty entertaining.


It was just a neat winter experience to see this huge structure with icicles hanging down from it. At night there are multi-colored lights which look pretty cool in the pictures, but I didn’t get to see them because we went during the day to avoid even more of a rush.


It’s hard to really describe what they look like, so pictures will have to do most of the explaining.