Dream Job [30 Day Challenge]

Day 18: Dream Job

Ragnar Start

As I have mentioned in my Proudest Moment post, I want to be a race (event) director. I’ve known this since I was in high school, and I started running. When I graduated college, despite my internship and having directed my own race, I’ve found it hard to break into the industry in the position that I really desire. What I came to realize last year was that I’d have to take some jobs as stepping stones to gain more experience and expand my knowledge of the industry as a whole. I’m glad that has been my path because it will only make me a better candidate later on. I think in the long I’d like to own my event management company. I’m not sure if I’d prefer it to be running events or a different type, but I have my whole life to figure that out!

My second, unlikely dream job is becoming a full time photographer. When I was researching my wedding photographer, I read many wedding photographer bios where they say that they have “the best job in the world”! I believe them. What could be better than taking photos of people with their loved ones?! So happy, so excited for what the rest of their lives hold!


When we met our engagement photographer in Utah, he was extremely passionate and it was clear! His enthusiasm made the shoot so fun! I love to see people extremely happy in what they are doing with their lives. It makes me realize that there’s a place for everyone and everyone’s strengths. I’ve been told by my friends and family that I would be a great full time photographer. As I mentioned in previous posts, I grew up with a camera in my hand. In high school and college, I took thousands of photos of my friends. (So many that I had to keep getting larger hard drives to keep them all on my computer). Facebook also likes to remind me daily of all the memories and photos that I took over the years (and posted).

For now, I’ll keep taking photos on my own as a hobby and improving my techniques. Perhaps someday when life is a little different that will be a possibility!