Old Photo [30 Day Challenge]

Day 21: An Old Photo of Myself

As tomorrow is my birthday, this day of my 30 day challenge is rather fitting! And of course, I couldn’t stick with just one old photo.

In honor of my birthday, I chose some old photos from previous “milestone” birthdays in recent years 🙂

Sweet 16!

Sweet 16

This is my Sweet 16 at Ft. Desoto State Park (in St. Pete, FL)

sunset at ft desoto

Legal 18th


18 with Dylan and Erica

This is me with Dylan and Erica at my 18th Birthday Party

At my high school, it was a tradition to give your friends a “birthday basket” full of sweets, homemade goodies, fun little toys and trinkets, etc. For my 18th, my friends went all out and got me a SHOPPING CART. It was amazing! This is me with my decorated locker, my birthday cart, and a sign.

bday cart vertical

18 birthday

My friend Wannee and my old car in our high school parking lot

Finally 21!

My 21st birthday fell on Thanksgiving. For my birthday, I got to choose what we did… I chose New Orleans! We had a Thanksgiving Drink at Pat O’Brien’s as my first legal drink.

NOLA with the family


21st in NOLA

Then we got dressed up and went out to Bourbon Street with the family.

This weekend I am celebrating my birthday in Portland, Oregon with my fiance! Hopefully this one should be one for the books too.