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  • Old Photo [30 Day Challenge]

    Old Photo [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 21: An Old Photo of Myself As tomorrow is my birthday, this day of my 30 day challenge is rather fitting! And of course, I couldn’t stick with just one old photo. In honor of my birthday, I chose some old photos from previous “milestone” birthdays in recent years 🙂 Sweet 16! This is […]

  • What I Collect [30 Day Challenge]

    What I Collect [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 15: What Do I Collect? I collect memories, experiences and photos. And sometimes t-shirts. This is my high school/running t-shirt quilt that I had made back in 2010! In past years, I was a t-shirt fiend! I would do a race just because I got a cool shirt! Or I would join a club […]