Why Do I Blog? [30 Day Challenge]

Day 25: Why Do I Blog?

I blog for many reasons.


First, I blog for myself. I want to have a record of my travels, adventures, thoughts, experiences, that I can look back on when I’m older. I’m not much of a write-in-a-journal type, but this is my version. It has photos, graphics, etc. and a lot more interactive. I also prefer typing to handwriting. For instance, when I went to NZ, I blogged every. single. day. of my trip. And despite me being dead-tired, I am so thankful that I did that for myself. Memories fade over time, so writing down all the details that day really helps me if I couldn’t remember exactly where I went or what I did. I also like to think of this site as a personal portfolio of my writing and photography. Eventually, I’d love to be a professional photographer, and I like it when photographers blog about their shoots or what they’re doing in their personal lives. If I already have a steady blog/following, that will make life easier in the future (I hope!).

Secondly, I blog for my friends and family back home. When I first moved to Utah, I was so far away and I needed something to fill my time and let everyone know what I was up to. This was the perfect way to do that. Blogging has been a part of my life on and off for years, it’s just the consistency that I’m working on. I like making websites look pretty with photos and special widgets! I’ll be constantly improving my site, but my skills have improved over time.

Third, I blog for my readers. I blog for the people who stumble upon my blog not sure what they should do on their next trip to a Utah national park. I blog for the Wasatch hikers out there that need some guidance, like I did when I first started hiking out here. It really helps to have a personal and candid response to trails or trips to go off of when planning adventures. I love hearing what people thought of certain trips and adventures first-hand, without the bias or marketing-ey standpoint involved too. If I can help someone feel inspired or even give advice, I consider this blog a success.

Finally, I blog to learn. Sounds silly, but this is a creative outlet for me. I’m constantly learning about new features of blogging, graphic design, marketing, social media. How can I improve and get my voice out there? It’s a learned skill! These skills are also relevant for just about any career field, especially mine– event planning and hospitality.

So, join me on this blogging adventure!

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