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  • 26.


    Today is my 26th birthday! My birthday was generally uneventful, but with lots of love from my family, friends near and far, and coworkers. Since I unfortunately didn’t have the day off, I woke up early to get some work done, ran to a few of my hotels for special birthday treats, and finished a […]

  • 25.


    Today is my 25th birthday! Hooray— a quarter century! I’m spending my birthday driving for 11-12 hours to San Diego to see Brighton’s brother, Chase in sunny California. We’ve been talking about visiting for a while, and Thanksgiving seemed like a great time to drive out. The weather in SLC is turning cold and wet, […]

  • Happy 2016!

    Happy 2016!

    It wouldn’t be a new year without some resolutions, right? 2016 will be an exciting year for me. Right now, all that’s on my mind is WEDDINGWEDDINGWEDDING. Sorry for the caps, but is very appropriate. I have a mix of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, happiness and stress about the wedding. I feel calm about the marriage itself, […]

  • My Hopes for Next Stop Adventure [30 Day Challenge]

    My Hopes for Next Stop Adventure [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 30: My Hope for Next Stop Adventure Guess what! This is my final day in the 30 Day Challenge. My goals for this challenge were to get me more in the habit of posting regularly, inspire some new writing topics, and learn about myself. Mission accomplished, I would say! This has helped me plan out […]

  • Why Do I Blog? [30 Day Challenge]

    Why Do I Blog? [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 25: Why Do I Blog? I blog for many reasons. First, I blog for myself. I want to have a record of my travels, adventures, thoughts, experiences, that I can look back on when I’m older. I’m not much of a write-in-a-journal type, but this is my version. It has photos, graphics, etc. and […]

  • My Proudest Moment [30 Day Challenge]

    My Proudest Moment [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 14: Proudest Moment Banner from 2012 When I saw this item on the list, I already knew the answer. My proudest moment thus far is creating my own 5K race from scratch, with little to no help from anyone else.   My first race in 2012 In summer 2012, I decided that I needed […]

  • The Top of My Bucket List [30 Day Challenge]

    The Top of My Bucket List [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 13: Top of My Bucket List (Source) I would love to road trip across the North American Continent. I want to take my time, hit all the major landmarks and national parks, and see what it’s like to just roam. I’ve done a cross country USA road trip with my sister, but we had […]

  • 5 Current Goals [30 Day Challenge]

    5 Current Goals [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 4: Five Current Goals Okay, so remember back in school or at your job training when they taught you about “SMART” goals? Well, let me refresh your memory. A SMART goal is a specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. This particular prompt I thought was going to harder than I thought, but most of my goals […]