Best Trip of My Life [30 Day Challenge]

Day 26: Best Trip of My Life

My study abroad trip to New Zealand was the best trip of my life, with my family’s vacation to Seattle in 2010 as a close second. It’s tough to really pick between the two because they were very different types of trips.

My study abroad trip was a 3.5 week tour of the South Island of New Zealand. I learned a lot about adventure tourism and ecotourism from all the places we went, and our native tour guides. It was so exotic and really sparked my love for travel even more.

My trip to Seattle with my family in 2010 was a different type of trip. My sister and I were running the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Yes, the FULL MARATHON. So far, our one and only. Katie was living out in central Washington, so our entire family flew out there and we spent some time in Seattle and Ellensburg (the tiny town where she was living). This trip was a different type of “best” because our family doesn’t spend time all four of us together that often anymore since Katie and I live in different places than our parents now. So really, while it was lovely to enjoy the sights, it was great to spend time on a family vacation together.