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  • Seattle [Things to Do]

    Seattle [Things to Do]

    A few weeks ago, my sister Katie came out to Seattle to visit. She finally met our cats (and saw Koda again), saw our new place, and had some major nostalgia— she lived in Ellensburg, WA about 7 years ago while she completed her Masters. On the day she flew in, we did a quick […]

  • Twin Falls [Hike 9/52]

    Twin Falls [Hike 9/52]

    My sister Katie was visiting last week so we headed out to the Snoqualmie/North Bend area for a quick and easy hike to Twin Falls. Distance: 2.6 miles, RT Gain: 500 feet Pass: Discover Pass (WA State Parks) Hiked: 3.10.18 We got there late in the day after Katie’s day of flying cross-country to visit, […]

  • Joshua Tree National Park & Palm Springs in 24 Hours

    Joshua Tree National Park & Palm Springs in 24 Hours

    If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that a few weeks ago a new dog started popping up in my photos— a beautiful husky named Mika! And before you ask, we have not adopted a new dog. We are long-term dog-sitting my brother in law’s husky while he moves to NYC […]

  • Introducing Our Newest Family Member: Koda

    Introducing Our Newest Family Member: Koda

    I have exciting news… We have a new family member… a furry one! I mentioned her briefly in my anniversary post, but I figured she needed a formal introduction! Ever since living in the old apartment, I’ve wanted to get an adventure dog to bring on our adventures. I wanted a puppy, but as fate would […]

  • Best Trip of My Life [30 Day Challenge]

    Best Trip of My Life [30 Day Challenge]

    Day 26: Best Trip of My Life My study abroad trip to New Zealand was the best trip of my life, with my family’s vacation to Seattle in 2010 as a close second. It’s tough to really pick between the two because they were very different types of trips. My study abroad trip was a […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

    Happy Thanksgiving!  I have a confession to make… Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. Now, before you start saying “but what about all the food!?”, I have to also confess that turkey is not really my thing t either. I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl. To be completely honest, my two favorite […]

  • Weekend Trip to Florida

    Weekend Trip to Florida

    Phew! Last weekend was a whirlwind! The past couple weeks, I’ve been a bit homesick. I miss Florida, and most importantly, I miss my family and friends back home. It’s just not the same talking on the phone or texting. For my birthday, my parents decided to buy me a plane ticket home to see […]