Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I have a confession to make…
Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday.
Now, before you start saying “but what about all the food!?”, I have to also confess that turkey is not really my thing t either. I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl. To be completely honest, my two favorite foods of this holiday are mashed potatoes and apple pie. Sorry, but that’s about it. I am, however, thankful for my friends and family in my life.
I am thankful for…
My Awesome Family. I am thankful that I have such an awesome family that is supportive of each other. I am quite lucky that I have a mother and father who are happily married for over 30 years, and an older sister who is also my best friend. We get along very well, and even more so in our adult years. I look forward to spending time with them when I’m in Florida and when they visit (AHEM, Katie…)! Not everyone is blessed enough to grow up with the nuclear family, but I have and for that, I am very thankful. Unfortunately, I am not able to spend this holiday with them, but in three weeks I will be home for the Christmas holidays!
My Loving Fiance. Brighton came into my life about two years ago, and I swear, it was like fate. He has been my rock, my adventure buddy, my other half, my shoulder to cry on, my entire friend and family circle in Utah since I got here. He is so calm and collected, and I need that in my life. He also always tries to make me happy and feel special, no matter what. I am so happy that I get to marry him in 127 days in front of our friends and family! He really is the best.
My Adorable Kitties– Oliver and Diggles. I can’t mention my family without also mentioning my two kitties! They are part of the family, after all! Oliver and Diggles are my furry children, and I love coming home to them. I am glad that Brighton and I were able to adopt them into our family, and give them a loving home. I hope they’re as excited as we are!
Brighton and Diggles


My Florida & Salt Lake Friends. After being in Utah for almost two years, it’s been difficult to consistently see my friends from school and home, but I am extremely thankful for those friends who have remained supportive and in-touch throughout the time. I am also very thankful for visits from friends here in Salt Lake (Cody, Erica, Demi… You are the best!). I am also thankful for new friends here in Salt Lake, like Megan and Rachel. It’s hard being in a new place and knowing very few people. You don’t realize this until you are alone in this new place. I’m grateful to any kindness anyone out here has shown during this transitional period for me.
My Health. I am thankful to have a functional, and (mostly) healthy body that allows me to go hiking and do all the crazy activities that I love to do on a regular basis. This year, when my foot was out of commission, I realized how much I take for granted. Even getting up to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen for a drink was a huge pain (literally). So, I am thankful to be a young, active adult and I need to treat it better by being more attentive to the nutrition I eat, and the exercise it needs.
I could probably keep going, but I need a nap after that dinner!