Middle Fork Snoqualmie River [Hike 7/52]

This hike was all about taking it easy and meeting new friends! One of the ladies from the PNWOW group and I made plans to go hiking which originally fell through, but we replaced it with this hike. It was literally a dog party— we had 5 dogs with us! (Also, coordinating 3 girls + 5 dogs for one photo is not easy… this was our best effort)

Distance: ~2 miles (12 miles RT)
Gain: 200 feet
Dogs: Allowed on leash
Hiked: 2.24.18
Permit: Northwest Forest Pass

We chose this trail because we had seen the cool bridge at the beginning on Facebook and wanted to check it out ourselves. The water color + the impressive bridge worth venturing out in the weird snow/hail storm on I-90 enough!

The trailhead was very snowy, but our small SUVs had no problem getting into and out of the parking lot.

We wandered into the snowy forest which was gorgeous and quiet. At one point, the trees open up to a view of the Stegosaurus Butte wall at 0.75 miles.

We didn’t go too far as Cate’s pup had been recovering from surgery, and Henrietta’s pups had turned into snowballs. Have you ever seen three little Shih Tzus running through the snow before? I hadn’t and it was so cute and hilarious! They were trooping along with us though! 🙂

On our way back, we wanted more photos on the bridge. 🙂

Either way, this hike was a perfect distance and difficulty for our goals that day.

More Info from WTA here!



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0 responses to “Middle Fork Snoqualmie River [Hike 7/52]”

  1. Nigel William Avatar

    Hi, Hilary! This hike looks like a lot of fun! I really like nature covered with snow, it makes so much difference when you hike in these conditions. Photos look breathtaking- like a scene from some fantasy movie. I was wondering, do you prefer higher or lower temperatures when it comes to hiking?

    1. Hilary Avatar

      Hi Nigel! I enjoy the variety of all four seasons when hiking. My ideal temperature for hiking is 60s and sunny, but diversity is the spice of life so I welcome other conditions as well!