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  • Welcome to the Holidays!

    Welcome to the Holidays!

    Feeling nostalgic, I decided to pull up my blog post from this time last year and I found that I wrote a blog post very similar to the one that I have in mind for this one right now. Life is truly about cycles, whether it be seasons, holidays, family, or major life events. At […]

  • Our Wedding Day Timeline [Wedding]

    Our Wedding Day Timeline [Wedding]

    Our Wedding Day   When I was planning the wedding, I found it really helpful to view other past-brides’ timelines. Today I’m sharing my wedding day timeline and overview (with photos!) (Warning: This is a long one!) 6:00am – Bridesmaids Getting Ready Our day started out bright and early! My maid of honor and one […]

  • Weekend Trip to Florida

    Weekend Trip to Florida

    Phew! Last weekend was a whirlwind! The past couple weeks, I’ve been a bit homesick. I miss Florida, and most importantly, I miss my family and friends back home. It’s just not the same talking on the phone or texting. For my birthday, my parents decided to buy me a plane ticket home to see […]

  • Ragnar Relay: Florida Keys

    Ragnar Relay: Florida Keys

    Where did the month of February go?  Last month was a pretty hectic month for me. From snowboarding lessons to Florida to Arizona, I felt like I was going the entire month. (This explains my slacking on my blog posts– sorry everyone!). I’m going to catch up on my blogging slowly but surely. Let’s start […]