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  • How to Make a Super Comfy Camp Bed! [DIY Guide]

    How to Make a Super Comfy Camp Bed! [DIY Guide]

    Camping is awesome. You get to sleep under the stars, wake up with the sun for some awesome sunrises, eat too many s’mores, and spend the night in nature. It’s great…until you realize your tent is situated over seemingly giant sticks or rocks that you didn’t notice earlier in the day when you were setting […]

  • Great Basin National Park

    Great Basin National Park

    Happy 4th of July to everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Established in 1986, Great Basin National Park is located on the eastern border of Nevada, close to Utah. While this park is not frequently nearly as much as Smoky Mountains National Park with only 89,000 average visitors per year, […]

  • Camping near Cascade Springs [Utah]

    Camping near Cascade Springs [Utah]

    Getting There and Finding a Campsite I had originally planned on camping in one of the campgrounds in Alpine Loop (Timpanooke or Granite Flat), but I neglected to make a reservation before the online systems closed. Brighton and I were a little slow going that morning- We had to gather our camping boxes and other […]