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  • Cape Flattery [Hike 26/52]

    Cape Flattery [Hike 26/52]

    Distance: 1.5 miles, roundtrip Gain: 200 ft. Pass: Makah Recreation Pass Hiked 7.1.18 Halfway! I finally got to visit the most northwestern point in the contiguous US. It definitely lives up to its name: Cape Flattery. It’s managed by the Makah Tribe, so be sure to grab a permit at the Museum or grocery store within […]

  • Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Distance: 3.2 miles, roundtrip Gain: 650 ft. Pass: National Parks Pass Hiked 7.1.18 Kelli came to visit, which was a perfect excuse to get out to the Olympic peninsula and do some hiking. We woke up too early, drove for a few hours, did 2 hikes (#25 and #26—halfway!!), visited the most NW point in the […]