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  • Artist Point Snowshoe [Hike 5/52]

    Artist Point Snowshoe [Hike 5/52]

    This one was on my bucket list to complete (since December when we came to house hunt), and it was worth waiting for! It’s been called a competitor for one of the “best views” in Washington, and I would say that is accurate! The area is just gorgeous everywhere you look! Distance: 4 miles, RT […]

  • Crystal Mountain Snowshoe [Hike 3/52]

    Crystal Mountain Snowshoe [Hike 3/52]

    In an effort to meet new friends and get out to explore new places, I joined a group, the Pacific Northwest Outdoor Women (PNWOW) and signed up to go to one of their snowshoe meet ups at Crystal Mountain Resort. I am counting this as Hike 3/52 since snowshoeing is essentially hiking with more equipment. […]

  • Snowshoeing at Solitude Resort

    Snowshoeing at Solitude Resort

    In the winter, the outdoors can be a little less inviting at below freezing temperatures, and like most Utahns, I tend to curl up at home with some hot tea and a blanket. The winter is for hibernation, right? I like to try not to be a homebody, and when I am being active and […]