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  • Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Distance: 3.2 miles, roundtrip Gain: 650 ft. Pass: National Parks Pass Hiked 7.1.18 Kelli came to visit, which was a perfect excuse to get out to the Olympic peninsula and do some hiking. We woke up too early, drove for a few hours, did 2 hikes (#25 and #26—halfway!!), visited the most NW point in the […]

  • Thunder Knob & Diablo Lake Overlook [Hike 22/52]

    Thunder Knob & Diablo Lake Overlook [Hike 22/52]

    Distance: 3.6 miles Elevation Gain: 600 feet Pass: None Hiked: 6.10.18 I’m sure you’ve seen photos on Pinterest of Diablo Lake. I knew that when Erica told me she was visiting, it was something we needed make a trip to go see. Diablo Lake is absolutely stunning. This was also my first time in North […]

  • Rattlesnake Ledge [Hike 14/52]

    Rattlesnake Ledge [Hike 14/52]

    Distance: 4 miles, roundtrip Gain: 1160 feet Pass: None Hiked: 4.29.18 This is a popular hike that we first visited in December 2017, but it’s a great, nearby hike with big payoff! The one (big) downside is that it’s usually very crowded. Even on the gloomy, drizzly day we hiked, there were still a lot […]

  • Seattle [Things to Do]

    Seattle [Things to Do]

    A few weeks ago, my sister Katie came out to Seattle to visit. She finally met our cats (and saw Koda again), saw our new place, and had some major nostalgia— she lived in Ellensburg, WA about 7 years ago while she completed her Masters. On the day she flew in, we did a quick […]

  • Twin Falls [Hike 9/52]

    Twin Falls [Hike 9/52]

    My sister Katie was visiting last week so we headed out to the Snoqualmie/North Bend area for a quick and easy hike to Twin Falls. Distance: 2.6 miles, RT Gain: 500 feet Pass: Discover Pass (WA State Parks) Hiked: 3.10.18 We got there late in the day after Katie’s day of flying cross-country to visit, […]

  • Salt Lake City [Guide]

    Salt Lake City [Guide]

    As I mentioned previously, one of my best friends is moving out to Salt Lake! I felt like it was time gather my previous posts about the area for her to get excited and some ideas for her own time here. I’d like to update this post as I post more Salt Lake area-specific posts, […]