Hiking and Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

May 25, 2013 

This was a great day! We got up early and headed over to the Abel Tasman Park. We split into two groups and half of us went kayaking while the others hiked to the beach where we kayaked to. After lunch, we switched places. It was a perfect day: the weather was cool but not cold, the sky was blue with a couple clouds, there wasn’t any wind, and the sun was shining. This is a pretty awesome park from the little bit I’ve learned about it. You can only get to it by parking and hiking into it or via the water. Everything is in its natural state. It’s got beautiful golden coasts and clear beautiful water. From the coast hike we went on you could see breathtaking views. I was in the group that went kayaking first which I liked because it was a little more strenuous than our hike. Both activities were relatively relaxed and I had a lot of fun taking postcard like pictures.

Only pictures can really communicate what my day was like, so assuming I can get them uploaded from this slow wifi connection then you will understand what I am trying to describe.

Tomorrow is our Honeydew Trail Hike. I’m not entirely sure what that entails but I’ll be sure to report later on. We’re all pretty exhausted from our activities today and soon we’ll be on our way to group dinner. We’re going to a place called Hot Mama’s! Hope it’s as good as it’s name!