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  • 52 Hike Challenge 2018: Completed

    52 Hike Challenge 2018: Completed

    I did it— 52 hikes in 52 weeks! Remember in January when I first posted about doing this challenge? I feel that I rarely keep up New Years Resolutions, but I did this one! It was definitely a commitment, but I enjoyed doing it. 172 miles and 34,329 feet of elevation gain! This was a fantastic […]

  • Johnston Canyon [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    Johnston Canyon [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    Visiting Johnston Canyon is a must for any visit to Banff. It’s accessible year-round, and the frozen hanging icicles, stopping time in their tracks is a worthy winter destination. Another bonus about visiting this destination is that it’s an easy to moderate hike with multiple features— Lower Falls, Upper Falls, Ink-pots, and the Secret Cave. […]

  • Heather Lake [Hike 35/52]

    Heather Lake [Hike 35/52]

    Distance: 4.6 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1034 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 9.23.18 As the fall sets in, I try to pick good wet-weather hikes. Since I wasn’t looking for views on this trip, we chose Heather Lake which had been on my list of hike options since the spring. Heather is a nice […]

  • Winchester Mountain [Hike 31/52]

    Winchester Mountain [Hike 31/52]

    Distance: 3.4 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1300 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 8.18.18 (Wildfire Season) Thinking about his hike gives me extremely mixed feelings— On one hand, this hike provides epic 360-degree views with access to a mountain top lookout with a relatively short roundtrip distance and gain. On the other hand, on the […]

  • Summit Lake [Hike 29/52]

    Summit Lake [Hike 29/52]

    Distance: 6.1 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1300 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 7.29.18 The summer hiking season is in full swing! After a break last weekend while Brighton and I shot a wedding, we were back at the hiking challenge. Today, we were joined by Brighton’s friends from work, Tyler & his friend John, […]

  • Mount Catherine [Hike 28/52]

    Mount Catherine [Hike 28/52]

    Distance: 3 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1330 feet Pass: None Hiked: 7.15.18 This hike has been on my list for a few months, but every time I looked at recent trip reports, it was still unaccessible due to snow. I was looking for a hike that was high payoff without too much distance or gain […]

  • Cape Flattery [Hike 26/52]

    Cape Flattery [Hike 26/52]

    Distance: 1.5 miles, roundtrip Gain: 200 ft. Pass: Makah Recreation Pass Hiked 7.1.18 Halfway! I finally got to visit the most northwestern point in the contiguous US. It definitely lives up to its name: Cape Flattery. It’s managed by the Makah Tribe, so be sure to grab a permit at the Museum or grocery store within […]

  • Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Hurricane Hill (Olympic National Park) [Hike 25/52]

    Distance: 3.2 miles, roundtrip Gain: 650 ft. Pass: National Parks Pass Hiked 7.1.18 Kelli came to visit, which was a perfect excuse to get out to the Olympic peninsula and do some hiking. We woke up too early, drove for a few hours, did 2 hikes (#25 and #26—halfway!!), visited the most NW point in the […]

  • Beckler Peak [Hike 24/52]

    Beckler Peak [Hike 24/52]

    Distance: 7.6 miles, roundtrip Gain: 2240 ft. Pass: None Hiked 6.24.18 I think my tagline should be “will hike for views” because the only reason I picked this hike was for the 360 degree views of the Cascades from the top. I mean, look at this view! So. Many. Mountains.  We got a late start from […]

  • Talapus and Olallie Lakes [Hike 23/52]

    Talapus and Olallie Lakes [Hike 23/52]

    Distance: 6.2 miles, roundtrip* Gain: 1220 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 6.17.18 *We only hiked to Talapus Lake, but you can continue to do the full hike to Olallie Lake This was a family friendly, easy weekend hike up in North Bend. We wanted something nearby, and Koda wanted to go swimming with the […]