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  • Our Second Anniversary

    Our Second Anniversary

    Today is our two year anniversary. 17,520 hours. 730 days. As I sit here in our townhome near Seattle, I read back over my thoughts from last year’s anniversary and I am laughing just a little bit. At this time last year, we had just bought our first house and we were settling in… or […]

  • 1 Month to Go! [Wedding]

    1 Month to Go! [Wedding]

    34 Days and Counting… Wednesday marks the official 1 month out countdown until our wedding! Some part of me is stressed about getting everything done. The other part of me is feeling like the end is in sight, and I am ready. Last time I checked in about wedding stuff was about a month ago. […]

  • Picking the Date & Venue [Wedding]

    Picking the Date & Venue [Wedding]

    Choosing the State– Florida or Utah? After our engagement, I wanted to start planning the wedding as soon as possible! Since my family lives in Florida and his family lives in Utah, our first hurdle was which state we would have it in. At first, I loved the idea of a Utah mountain wedding, and […]

  • The Engagement & How I Met My Future Husband [Wedding]

    The Engagement & How I Met My Future Husband [Wedding]

    Brighton and I are engaged! I am super excited! Let me tell you some back story about how we met… How I Met My Future Husband– It was Kismet!  My First Visit to SLC – November 2013 Snow in Park City! Something that I get asked by people a lot is how Brighton and I […]