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  • Coming in 2018: Seattle

    Coming in 2018: Seattle

    We have BIG NEWS!… We’re moving to Seattle, Washington! Writing that statement sends a wave of emotion through my body! I am excited and nervous, which I suppose is to be expected. Bitter + Sweet I would say that the best way to describe my sentiment right now is bittersweet. I have been in Utah […]

  • 26.


    Today is my 26th birthday! My birthday was generally uneventful, but with lots of love from my family, friends near and far, and coworkers. Since I unfortunately didn’t have the day off, I woke up early to get some work done, ran to a few of my hotels for special birthday treats, and finished a […]

  • Decor & Details [Wedding]

    Decor & Details [Wedding]

    Details of a wedding are very important to set the tone of the big day! We wanted our garden wedding to be casual, yet fun and relaxed with rustic tendencies. Since we chose to have the wedding in Florida, and I couldn’t have mountains as my backdrop, I desperately wanted something “nature-ish” as our venue. […]

  • Creating Our Wedding Website [Wedding]

    Creating Our Wedding Website [Wedding]

    For the wedding website, I wanted to do a one-page, easy to navigate and scroll right through to what you needed to know for the wedding. This means that this is it, there are no additional pages. These types of layouts are quite popular currently. I created the site with WordPress, using a theme called […]

  • 2 Months to Go! [Wedding]

    2 Months to Go! [Wedding]

    2 Months Until I am Married… What?! Breathe in. Breathe out. I have about 2 months to go for this wedding, and that calm sense of relaxation that I had about 3 months ago is nowhere to be seen. It just hit me that I have a lot of things to do for this wedding […]

  • Goodbye 2015

    Goodbye 2015

    Reflecting on 2015 How is 2015 already over? I feel like this is how I feel at the conclusion of every year, but now time is going by faster! This was a year of big changes for me. January  Starting off the year, I began a new job in Sales & Front Desk at my hotel. This […]