2 Months to Go! [Wedding]

Wedding Planning

2 Months Until I am Married… What?!

Breathe in. Breathe out. I have about 2 months to go for this wedding, and that calm sense of relaxation that I had about 3 months ago is nowhere to be seen. It just hit me that I have a lot of things to do for this wedding still.

One of the blogs I read has her wedding countdowns set up in what she had, what she had in the works, and what she needs to do still. I like that idea, and it might even make me feel like I’ve accomplished more than I have so here it goes…

What I Have So Far:

Date & Venue – Woo!

DJ – Just booked in the last two weeks! The company was recommended to us by the venue and by a friend of my sister’s–  Grand Hemond and Associates

Wedding Dress– David’s Bridal — Getting it altered now, should be done by mid-February. It will have a slightly different neckline and hemmed/bustled. Also, I really dislike this girl’s expression.

Wedding Planning

Veil: This one ordered off Etsy this week after the one from Amazon was too cheap. (It was too stiff, and looked like I was playing dress up as a bride).

Engagement PhotosWe have many! Overachievers. I also have a second session, which I haven’t posted about yet.

Caterer: Carrabbas’ on 4th Street. I have talked with them, and sent them an email. I am having trouble getting a response, which is something I am currently working on.

Cake: I will be placing an order to Publix soon. It will be a cupcake cake. My cake topper is on its way, and the cake stand will be ordered March 1st.

Just for fun, this is a proof– It will be gold though!

Wedding Planning

Photographer: Contemporary Captures Photography based out of Tampa

Hair & Makeup: My friend Jordan. (She’ll be doing me and my bridesmaids). She did my hair and makeup for this photo:

Wedding Planning

Hotel Room Block: Done, with a cutoff date on March 1st.

Wedding Registries: On our website.

Wedding Website & Hashtag: Done. #BecomingTheGardiners

Save the Dates: Sent!

Guest List: Created for the invitations. Done and waiting for RSVPs.

Invitations: OrderedSent!

Officiant: My dad’s coworker. We met with him when we were home in St. Pete over Christmas.

Bridal Shower: Successful! Thanks to my Mom and Katie (MOH) 🙂

BridesmaidsBridesmaids have ordered their dresses off Weddington Way in Cobalt Blue 🙂 I gave them 4 choices of short, cobalt blue, chiffon dresses. I believe they ended up ordering the 4 different styles between them. I am still waiting for them to receive the dresses and try them on.

Style 1:

Bridesmaid Dress

Style 2:

Bridesmaid Dress 2

Style 3:

Bridesmaid Dress 3

Style 4 (2 photos):

Bridesmaid Dress 4

Bridesmaid Dress 4 -2

Groomsmen: We picked out the tux for Brighton and the groomsmen today! Now we just need the groomsmen to go in for a fitting at Men’s Warehouse.

Brighton’s Ring: Bought and paid for… Just waiting a couple weeks for the order to come in.

What Needs to Be Done…

Accessories: I am still working on finding the perfect look on my day. I am currently working on deciding which flower crown to buy on Etsy.

Wedding Planning

Other assorted items:

  • Collecting RSVPs (they are trickling in! Due date is February 15)
  • Flowers! I’ve assigned my mom and future mother in law for this. I gave them some photos of what I’d like and we’ll see what they come up with.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Plans – We are thinking casual dinner gathering at my parents’ house with catered food, but no other plans than that so far.
  • Decor – I am planning on doing some mason jars with burlap runners, but this is in the “idea” stage right now.
  • Linens – I need to order these soon. Like this week.
  • Plane Tickets – Um, these need to be bought yesterday. Oops. But I have approved time off (with paid vacation days!!! Woo, #adulting!) for this already.
  • Songs for Ceremony, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter, First Dance as Newlyweds – No idea for any of these. Any suggestions?
  • Marriage License
  • Accessories for Bridesmaids

I am attempting to document every step of my wedding planning process. As we get closer, the more I realize that this is quickly approaching and everything just needs to get done! How did you past brides-to-be feel during this time? How did you accomplish everything that needed to get done?



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  1. Sherri Avatar

    Sheesh the site is amazing. It looks like you have it all under control, Hil. What about “I hope you dance” for one of your songs?

    1. Hilary Avatar

      Sherri- Thank you! 🙂 I haven’t decided on any songs yet still! It’s a meaningful decision that I’ve been putting off for the wedding… Oops. I’ll add it to the list!