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  • Paragliding in Switzerland

    Paragliding in Switzerland

    When I think of Switzerland, I think of Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn, and adventure sports with fantastic views. One of the parts I was looking forward to was paragliding! While we were visiting, we saw many paragliders floating through the sky against the mountainous backdrop. We had planned on going paragliding while in the Jungfrau […]

  • Adventuring through a Fairy Tale: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Mürren [Jungfrau Region, Switzerland]

    Adventuring through a Fairy Tale: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Mürren [Jungfrau Region, Switzerland]

    One of the areas I was most excited to visit was the Jungfrau region (within Bernese Oberland), which includes Interlaken, Grindelwald, Wengen, Mürren, and Lauterbrunnen. The region is named after the famous mountain Jungfrau (the name means virgin in German). When I was researching activities, I had noted down visiting the Jungfraujoch (The Top of […]

  • My Declaration of Wanderlust

    My Declaration of Wanderlust

    Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot more social commentary via social media outlets on the ideals of millennials, traveling and wanderlust. There are a couple different ideas floating around the internet recently, and it’s made me both agree and contemplate how I fit into this all with my personal views. Somewhere in Oregon near Crater […]

  • The Fine Art of Microadventure

    The Fine Art of Microadventure

    I enjoy going on short adventures, generally close to home, to try something new or go somewhere new and exciting. I don’t like spending much money on my adventures, if possible. I also don’t get many days in a row off work (i.e. working two days, off one, and on another couple) unless I specifically request […]

  • Rakaia Gorge: Jet Boating

    Rakaia Gorge: Jet Boating

    May 16, 2013 Kia ora! (Hello!) Jet lag + international date line = my body very confused all night. This was my strange experience overnight. We went to bed around 8:30pm (4:30am in FL time) last night, and I woke up multiple times in the night trying to figure out where I was, what time […]

  • Pre-Departure: New Zealand

    Pre-Departure: New Zealand

    May 9, 2013 I am going to New Zealand in less than a week to study abroad for a little under a month. I figure the best way to remember this journey is to blog offline and then send the posts whenever I have wifi (which apparently won’t be all the time). The program I […]