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  • Tunnel Mountain Hike [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    Tunnel Mountain Hike [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    After a quick lunch, we wanted to squeeze in another hike before heading to Calgary for the night. Tunnel Mountain is a great and quick option near downtown Banff that offers a lot of “bang for its buck” with views of Bow Valley and Mt. Rundle. Trail Stats Time: 2-3 hours Distance: 2.7 miles, round-trip 
Level of […]

  • 52 Hike Challenge 2018: Completed

    52 Hike Challenge 2018: Completed

    I did it— 52 hikes in 52 weeks! Remember in January when I first posted about doing this challenge? I feel that I rarely keep up New Years Resolutions, but I did this one! It was definitely a commitment, but I enjoyed doing it. 172 miles and 34,329 feet of elevation gain! This was a fantastic […]

  • Johnston Canyon [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    Johnston Canyon [Banff, Alberta, Canada]

    Visiting Johnston Canyon is a must for any visit to Banff. It’s accessible year-round, and the frozen hanging icicles, stopping time in their tracks is a worthy winter destination. Another bonus about visiting this destination is that it’s an easy to moderate hike with multiple features— Lower Falls, Upper Falls, Ink-pots, and the Secret Cave. […]

  • Lake Valhalla and Mount McCausland [Hike 38/52]

    Lake Valhalla and Mount McCausland [Hike 38/52]

    Distance: 8 miles (to both destinations), roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1500 feet to the lake, 1800 feet to the summit Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 10.7.18 The alarm goes off at 4:45am. It’s dark and my bed is a little too comfortable. As I rub sleep out of my eyes, I grab my pre-packed daypack and […]

  • Heather Lake [Hike 35/52]

    Heather Lake [Hike 35/52]

    Distance: 4.6 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1034 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 9.23.18 As the fall sets in, I try to pick good wet-weather hikes. Since I wasn’t looking for views on this trip, we chose Heather Lake which had been on my list of hike options since the spring. Heather is a nice […]

  • Winchester Mountain [Hike 31/52]

    Winchester Mountain [Hike 31/52]

    Distance: 3.4 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1300 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 8.18.18 (Wildfire Season) Thinking about his hike gives me extremely mixed feelings— On one hand, this hike provides epic 360-degree views with access to a mountain top lookout with a relatively short roundtrip distance and gain. On the other hand, on the […]

  • Naches Peak Loop [Hike 30/52]

    Naches Peak Loop [Hike 30/52]

    Distance: 3.2 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 600 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass OR National Parks Pass (depending on where you park) Hiked: 8.5.19 Wildflower, views and lush mountainsides are my favorite kind of hikes. Remember when I went wildflower hunting in Utah? I just love seeing a sea of color dotting the mountainside. Naches Peak […]

  • Summit Lake [Hike 29/52]

    Summit Lake [Hike 29/52]

    Distance: 6.1 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1300 feet Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Hiked: 7.29.18 The summer hiking season is in full swing! After a break last weekend while Brighton and I shot a wedding, we were back at the hiking challenge. Today, we were joined by Brighton’s friends from work, Tyler & his friend John, […]

  • Mount Catherine [Hike 28/52]

    Mount Catherine [Hike 28/52]

    Distance: 3 miles, roundtrip Elevation Gain: 1330 feet Pass: None Hiked: 7.15.18 This hike has been on my list for a few months, but every time I looked at recent trip reports, it was still unaccessible due to snow. I was looking for a hike that was high payoff without too much distance or gain […]

  • Teneriffe Falls (Kamikaze Falls) [Hike 27/52]

    Teneriffe Falls (Kamikaze Falls) [Hike 27/52]

    Distance: 5.4 miles, roundtrip Gain: 1585 ft. Pass: Discover Pass Hiked: 7.8.18 These falls feel impressively vertical when you can walk right through them and look up! Koda enjoyed cooling down in the water and finding some sticks for fetch. The first part of the trail was very pleasant, but the second half was rocky. […]