Salt Lake City’s Best 52 Hikes [Book Review]

In my spare time, when I’m not hiking or editing photos, I am usually researching for what hikes I want to explore. I’ve read that part of the satisfaction of vacations (or anything you’re excited for) is the actual planning & anticipation of the activity itself. I feel that’s extremely accurate for my experiences. I can’t tell you how much fun I have researching and finding new places that I put on my bucket list to explore.

In my years of living in Salt Lake, most everything was new and fresh for me so I could walk out my door and find somewhere new to hike/travel. I found hikes everywhere: word of mouth,, Instagram, Facebook Groups, and last but not least, bloggers!

I followed a couple different blogs I found along the way — Katie Wanders, Bearfoot Theory, Explore with Heather, and Girl on a Hike — to name a few.

I was super excited to hear that one of my fellow Salt Lake bloggers, Alicia @ Girl on a Hike, had published her first eBook about our favorite SLC hikes.

What’s it about?

Appropriately named, this book is a guidebook of the Salt Lake’s best hikes. She provides all the relevant information you need to get out there and hike: location, directions, distance, elevation gain, fees, dog-friendly information, trail guide, and the best part— photos!

Who would love this ebook?

This would be perfect for anyone who is looking to get out and explore the greater Salt Lake area’s hundreds of trails. There are so many to choose from, and Alicia has done a fantastic job providing a guide to where a hiker should check out first.

This would also be perfect for someone who is doing the 52 Hike Challenge living in the Salt Lake area. I am participating from the PNW now, but when I come visit, I hope to check out some of my favorite trails from Utah.

Where can you get it?

It’s only available Amazon! Check it out at this link.

Check out Alicia’s blog for more fun adventures as well!

Let me know what you think! What are your favorite Salt Lake hikes?



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    Such an amazing trees, magnificent really, hope I will have the chance to go to the Salt Lake City also.