Happy Birthday Next Stop Adventure: 3 Years!

It’s been another year for the books blog! How does summer always end up going by so quickly? While I love each of the seasons for different reasons, the summer is always seems full of possibilities looking forward in April/May, and then suddenly, it’s over by September. Time is a funny creature that seems to elude me constantly. While my latest posts have been from Switzerland, I am already lightyears ahead in my real life.

My coworkers have this running joke at this point about how I am always going off on long adventures every weekend (mostly because of the 52 Hike Challenge)… and it’s true. While I love living in the Seattle area, the hikes and nature areas are spread out in every direction, which takes more time and commitment to visit than the major canyons in Salt Lake. The pros? More diversity, hundreds more options, three national parks in less than 3 hours away, and more epic views! The cons? More planning, driving, and time required to travel to each area.

I am happy to still have this blog, and while I don’t update it as often as I’d like, I do keep up with it and always plan to catch up on posts when I have more time (aka winter/spring since photo season is mostly summer and fall). So far this year, I’ve been blessed to have several visitors of friends— Kelli, Rachel, Brandon, Demi, Hillary, Sherri, Erica, to name a few and family come see us in Seattle, including Katie multiple times!

A couple highlights over the last year:

To see my previous anniversary years, here are year one, and year two. I am looking forward to many more!




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