About the Blog

Welcome to Next Stop Adventure! 


How did the blog start?

In a nutshell, I started Next Stop Adventure as a creative outlet for me to write and share photos from my adventures in Salt Lake City and road trips with Brighton for friends and family back home in Florida after I moved away. For more about me and my story, click here. For my love story with Brighton, click here.

I also realized how much I really appreciate the perspective and advice from local bloggers about their outdoor recreation trips in the Salt Lake area. I also have blogged off and on since I was in early high school on various sites. I also love the fact that I get a special insight to bloggers’ lives. It’s like making a friend online!

What does the name of my blog mean?

For the long version, I wrote an entire post about this in my 30 Day Blogging Challenge back in November 2015.

The short version is this: I feel that “next stop,” indicates that this is a constant journey of sorts. It doesn’t matter where we are stopping, there will always be adventure. It could be a journey of life in general, love and relationships, road trips or vacations, or really anything. I feel that there is a sense of adventure in all of life’s major (and minor) crossroads– I am thinking specifically of a wedding, buying a house, maybe kids sometime in the future.

The second part, Adventure, is super cliché. I know! But I’ve been using the word for so long it seemed natural to go with it. I call everything an adventure. You never know what will happen on an adventure. I generally use the word adventure as a way to describe a new or unexpected experience. I feel that it’s important to experience new things and not to live in a bubble. Adventure begins outside of your comfort zone!

What are my goals for Next Stop Adventure?

My goal for this site is to impact others’ lives as other bloggers have influenced mine. My blog is a source for honest insight into life’s journeys and inspiration for my readers to explore their own community, even if it’s just small weekend trips. I call them Microadventures. Adventures don’t need to be long or expensive to be worthwhile and enriching, and that’s what I want to show people with this blog.

What type of blogger am I?

At first, I thought I was going to be strictly a travel blogger, but that has evolved into something more broad. I would consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I write content inspired and curated from my personal interests and daily activities. While my focus is adventure and outdoor recreation, I also cover topics such as my wedding and relationshiphospitality-based posts, and local guides.


So grab a cup of coffee and stay a while 🙂