About Us

Hello! We’re Hilary & Brighton at Next Stop Adventure.

We’re united by a mutual love of each other, cats, adventure, and the outdoors.  We like to say that we met via Airbnb, which always gets some interesting reactions. I (Hilary) moved to Salt Lake City for an internship on a whim, moved into Brighton’s sister’s basement, and bam! Magic happened. Okay, well that’s a little dramatic, but we did grow quite fond of each other by going on very long day trips (there & back in one day) to Utah’s national parks.  Finally, Brighton scrambled his way up to Angel’s Landing, we both knew in that moment that we were going to get married. Fun fact, we both referenced this moment in our vows and revealed it on our wedding day.

Our full story  —> here!

After a long engagement, a wedding, and several moves later, we bought a house in Salt Lake City… and expanded our family just a little, by adopting Koda, our 6 year golden retriever. She’s part of our little gang now, and keeps life exciting for Oliver & Diggles, our kitties.

After an unexpected turn in our journey, we recently moved our little family to the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, Washington. We’re settling in nicely as there’s plenty of hiking, coffee shops, and daytrips for us to explore.

We aim to make the most out of our time, especially weekends since we both work 9-5s. I feel like we’ve mastered the art of owning our weekend from Friday evening to the last bit of Sundays. Whether it’s hiking in our beautiful mountains, grabbing a cup of coffee and working at our favorite coffee shops, trying new restaurants in our neighborhoods, or going on a marathon of a road trip, we are always expanding our horizons and following our hearts!

Hilary was born in Florida, but moved across country to the West and landed in Salt Lake City for an internship with Ragnar. A recreation, parks, and tourism graduate of University of Florida, Hilary now works in the hospitality (hotel) industry in Sales. Hilary also runs a portrait photography side hustle business in her spare time (which, is there ever really any “spare”time?). Hilary is the voice behind Next Stop Adventure, writing this blog & editing our photos.

Brighton was born in Utah, and has lived there for most of his life with the exception of his time at Vancouver (CA) Film School. He studied visual effects and 3D animation, and worked for Electronic Arts (EA) for a majority of his career in the video game industry. Brighton is the driver and photographer behind [most] of our adventures you see on the blog. He is also chief assistant in Hilary’s photo business.

Come, grab a cup of coffee, and explore our adventures!